Offline NFC asset management

Lots of people have experienced the pain that deciphering hand-written records can entail. A smaller number have experienced the irritation of trying to scan a dirty barcode or the whole system being being down when they are trying to access the online records for an asset that they are standing literally right in front of! As described in our maintenance page, NFC can provide an elegant way out of these tradeoffs.

Committing to a new asset management system is a big decision though, and not one any organization wants to rush into. In particular, with a technology as new as NFC, it can be hard to really get a good grasp on how the system will work in practise.

In order to help you experience what using an NFC asset management system is like, TapTrack has developed a very simple system we call TapStock. TapStock is built around an Android app that reads and writes asset records to NFC tags as well as a companion ChromeApp that can read the tags when paired with a TappyUSB reader if you wish to view the records from your Mac, Windows, or Linux computer. What you will need:

  • Phones with NFC running Android version 2.3.3 (Gingerbread) or newer
  • NFC tags - we recommend the high-memory NTAG216
    • You will need anti-metal tags if you wish to attach the tags to metal surfaces
  • TappyUSB readers if you wish to use the companion ChromeApp

While TapStock is primarily intended to be a tool for demonstrations and pilot projects, if it fits all of your needs as-is, great! However, if you want additional features like cloud-based content backups or access control, please contact us with your needs so we can provide a solution that is right for you.

Get it on Google Play Available in the chrome web store

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