NFC Encoding Windows App

A native windows application for NFC encoding with Tappy readers

2 minute read

Encoding NFC tags has historically been a painful process for even the simplest of use cases. You could use a tool such as NXP Tag Writer on your Android device, but a mobile interface is very poor for many types of content creation. If instead you wanted to use a utility on your laptop or desktop, you were pretty much out of luck. Our Tappy Reader/Writer ChromeApp provides a multi-platform Chrome-based solution to this problemi using our TappyUSB readers, but what if you want to use TappyBLE devices or just want a standard native Windows application?

Our Windows Tappy utility includes all the capabilities of the ChromeApp:

  • Write URL and text records to tags
  • Write multi-record NDEF messages
  • Batch tag encoding based on file import
  • Lock Ultralight and NTAG tags to be read-only
  • Password protect NTAG tags
  • Scan for NDEF tags containing URLs and launch them automatically
  • Read NDEF data from tags
  • Detect and identify NFC tag technologies
  • Supports Ultralight, Ultralight C, NTAG, DESFire, and MIFARE Classic

If you wish to use the batch encoding feature, you may also need to install SQL Local DB 2016, which can be found here.

In addition, the Windows application has the added capability to use TappyBLE devices when paired with a Bluegiga BLED112 Bluetooth Smart dongle.

Download here
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