NFC Encoding Windows App

A native windows application for NFC encoding with Tappy readers

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Encoding NFC tags has historically been a painful process for even the simplest of use cases. You could use a tool such as NXP Tag Writer on your Android device, but a mobile interface is very poor for many types of content creation. If instead you wanted to use a utility on your laptop or desktop, you were pretty much out of luck. Our Tappy Reader/Writer ChromeApp provides a multi-platform Chrome-based solution to this problemi using our TappyUSB readers, but what if you want to use TappyBLE devices or just want a standard native Windows application?

Our Windows Tappy utility includes all the capabilities of the ChromeApp:

  • Write URL and text records to tags
  • Write multi-record NDEF messages
  • Lock Ultralight and NTAG tags to be read-only
  • Scan for NDEF tags containing URLs and launch them automatically
  • Read NDEF data from tags
  • Detect and identify NFC tag technologies
  • Supports Ultralight, Ultralight C, NTAG, DESFire, and MIFARE Classic

In addition, the Windows application has the added capability to use TappyBLE devices when paired with a Bluegiga BLED112 Bluetooth Smart dongle.

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