NFC Encoding ChromeApp

Introducing a multi-platform NFC utility for TappyUSB readers

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Encoding NFC tags has historically been a painful process for even the simplest of use cases. You could use a tool such as NXP Tag Writer on your Android device, but a mobile interface is very poor for many types of content creation. If instead you wanted to use a utility on your laptop or desktop, you were pretty much out of luck. Most of the utilities out there were very complicated development tools, very limited programs barely beyond proofs of concept, or very specialized for use with a specific application. To make matters worse, most such utilities only supported Windows - Mac and Linux users were left with no options at all.

Well, those days are over with the release of the multi-platform Tappy Reader/Writer ChromeApp. As long as you have Chrome installed on your Mac, Windows, or Linux machine, you can use the app along with a TappyUSB reader to simply perform many common NFC operations. Capabilities include:

  • Write URL and text records to tags
  • Write electronic business cards (vCards) to tags
  • Write multi-record NDEF messages
  • Emulate URL, text, vCard, and multi-record NDEF tags
  • Lock Ultralight and NTAG tags to be read-only
  • Scan for NDEF tags containing URLs and launch them automatically
  • Read NDEF data from tags
  • Detect and identify NFC tag technologies
  • Supports Ultralight, Ultralight C, NTAG, DESFire, and MIFARE Classic
  • Runs on Windows, macOS, and Linux

Available in the chrome web store Get source on GitHub

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