Custom Tags

If you need tags with custom printing, a less-common chip type, or an unusual form factor, TapTrack can help. Through our relationship with multiple tag factories, we can secure you a competitive quote for whatever customizations you may desire. If you are unsure of what exactly you want, we are happy to consult on the tag selection as well. Please contact us for a quote if you are interested.


While we can work with high-dpi raster graphics (eg. PNG, JPG, etc), vector formats such as *.eps or *.svg are strongly preferred in order to ensure that the final result is free of any blurriness or pixellation from scaling images for printing. Additionally, please keep in mind that the printing processes used to apply graphics to NFC tags generally are priced on the number of colours in your design, so simplifying designs can result in a significant cost savings.

Form Factors

The most common form factors we encounter for custom orders are CR80-sized (credit card) cards, 30mm stickers, and silicone wrist bands. However, if you need a different form factor, we can probably get it as well.