Generate smart asset maintenance records


Equipment maintenance and management is an ongoing problem in many fields. Usually, in order to be available alongside equipment, records must be hand-written, which unfortunately often also means that the records are illegible. If the records are instead stored in a centralized computer system, one loses the ability to readily access them at the equipment’s site if access to this system is disrupted. NFC can elegantly resolve this issue by allowing technicians to use a smartphone to store information on a tag located directly on the equipment. This information can then be synchronized to a centralized system if desired.


If the equipment is located in an area without physical access control, advanced NFC tags like the NXP DESFire EV1 can be used to provide payment-grade security to guarantee only authorized users modify the tag’s data.


Interested in an NFC asset management system, but not sure how it will work out in practise? TapTrack has created a basic offline asset management utility called TapStock so you can get a feel for how the technology works and if it’s right for you. Visit our page about TapStock to learn more or go ahead and download the apps to try it out immediately.

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