Enhance your event with rich NFC interactions


By adding a simple NFC tag to your attendee badges or supplying guests with a wristband or similar, a whole host of NFC-based interactions can be added to your event. If you are running a professional convention, tags can be simply encoded with electronic business cards, which can then be exchanged merely by tapping them on an NFC-enabled mobile device. Further capabilities such as raffles and social media sharing can also be integrated into an overall event solution.

Example Case Study

TapTrack developed and deployed a professional networking solution called TapLead at Toronto’s AndroidTO conference in 2014. A version of this solution is available on the Play store with both an attendee application as well as an event organizer registration application. While the tags programmed by the registration application can be natively understood by NFC-enabled smartphones, the attendee application provides additional capabilities for professional networking by allowing attendees to categorize and record comments about individuals they meet. TapTrack also provided exhibitors with special stand-alone Tappy units for collecting leads without using a phone as demonstrated here. One exhibitor also used this system to drastically simplify operating their raffle.

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