Android SDK

The Tappy Android SDK supports both TappyBLE and TappyUSB devices. In order to use the SDK, your device must support Android version 4.4 or newer. Additionally, the phone must support BLE (also known as Bluetooth Smart®) in order to use TappyBLE devices or USB host operation for TappyUSB devices. For additional documentation, please see the repository on GitHub.

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Additional SDKs


If you wish to use a Tappy reader with Cordova/PhoneGap, please refer to our Cordova section for further details.


If you wish to use a Tappy reader with Xamarin, please refer to our Xamarin section for further details.


The previous version of the Android SDK only supported TappyBLE readers and thus has been deprecated in favour of the newer SDK. However, the code for this earlier SDK is still archived on GitHub for reference.

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Tappy Demo Application

If you wish to evaluate the Tappy on your Android device without doing development, the Tappy demonstration application supports many common Tappy operations and is freely available on the Play Store. The source code for this application can be found in the SDK’s GitHub repository.

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Tappy External NFC

If you only plan on using the Tappy to listen for tags being tapped, the Tappy External NFC application can help you get your app off the ground faster than if you had to integrate with the full SDK. The External NFC app allows you to search for and connect to the Tappies of your choosing, after which the app will broadcast an Intent when a tag is tapped on any of the connected readers. As a result, you will only have to add a very simple BroadcastReceiver to your application in order to start using the Tappy.

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